Week 1 of Bar Prep Complete…Ugh

So I finished up my first week of Bar prep…and I feel like I’m already behind lol. More specifically, I feel like doing the MBE questions now is pointless because I do not remember a lot of the material well enough to properly answer the questions. I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels. Like what is the point of doing the questions if I don’t know most of the information? I guess the point is to learn by doing. As long as I take the time to review the questions and understand why I missed the correct answer, then I’m learning the subject. But it’s only the first week, so I suppose things will get better.

On another note, I modified my study schedule. Instead of doing MBEs right after class, I will review and make note cards right after class. I better retain the information if I do it that way. Making the note cards takes F O R E V E R. But I learn best through note cards, so it is a necessary evil. I know I will definitely have to do a better job of doing the MBE questions. I have not been doing my scheduled 50 MBEs a day so I will need to step it up. Plus, I haven’t even begun to touch the essays. I hope this Bar prep thing gets easier…and more productive.


2 thoughts on “Week 1 of Bar Prep Complete…Ugh

  1. Your account of your first week of bar study is exactly how I felt the first time I studied for the bar. I was just spinning my wheels, because I hadn’t committed any of the material to memory yet. I was doing terribly on the MBE questions, getting something like 5/17 and then crying because that was a failing score. My approach this time around is this: go over the lecture notes and make flash cards based on that material. Do the AMP for that topic. Make flash cards based on what I get wrong on the AMP and what difficult issues come up on the AMP, even though I got the question right. When I am ready, I will do MBE question sets and review the answers. I’m not there yet though. Barbri doesn’t factor in time for flashcards and whatnot. If that’s how you learn best, you have to factor in the time yourself. If you fall behind Barbri’s schedule you will NEVER catch back up, so don’t feel bad. I only know 1 girl who was actually able to complete Barbri’s schedule exactly 100%. That’s 1 girl out of like 100 bar sitters.

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