A Strongly Worded Letter To The Bar Exam

All my fellow bar preppers will understand the frustration. This post gave me life 🙂

This Is Not Your Feminist




1) First of all,  let’s talk about your stupid list of what I can bring into the bar exam. Oh my god, no sharpeners. NO SHARPENERS. Well yes, I’m sure sharpeners pose a grave security threat. I might lose my shit at seeing a Secured Transactions essay on the bar exam and threaten to sharpen someone’s pencil or something. Oh god, the sharpening! NOT THE SHARPENING.

Also, I fully understand why I have to keep my water bottle UNDER the desk when I am not drinking from it, and why it can’t be more than one liter. Imagine what would happen if I had a 2-liter water bottle that was on my desk, just randomly chilling! MAYHEM.

(Also, Taliban, thanks for telling me that revealing clothing is not allowed when it’s a hundred fucking degrees in this bitch.)



2) Mnemonics, bitches. You give us…

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