Big Girl Work Bag

So after I got the good news (aka found out I passed the bar), I decided I would treat myself to a big girl work bag. I am a bit of a bag addict so I had done some research before on various bags and briefcases. I knew I would be spending more money than I usually do on this bag so I wanted to make sure I got a good quality one. I saw a couple of quality leather bags, but I did not want to spend a bazillion dollars on a bag (I am not a rich attorney yet lol). I needed a roomy bag because I want it to hold client files, note pads, a planner, my iPad, pens, and anything else I might need during a normal work day.

I decided to go to the mall and see if I could find a bag. Now I live in a small big city, so my shopping choices are limited. I went to all the department stores and did not find anything the first look around. I went back to Dillard’s a second time because they were having a 25% off sale on all Coach bags. One of the bags I had read about were Coach bags. I ended up getting help from a sales associate, who was also a paralegal. She recommended a large black Saffiano bag. It is a gigantic black leather bag. She had told me that a teacher and woman who traveled a lot both bought a bag.

I ended up getting the bag. It is a gorgeous leather and looks like it will stand the test of time. I have not had a chance to actually use the bag as I intended, so I am excited when that day will come.


Coach Saffiano



As you can tell by the title of the post, I passed my bar exam. I am on cloud 10 right now lol. I actually found out yesterday that I passed. I was at work when I got a Facebook message from one of my classmates saying the results were up. My heart started beating a mile a minute. I still had about 30 minutes left at work and I was unsure whether or not I wanted to check it while at work. I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and look. When I saw my number and the pass next to it I wanted to like scream, flip, cartwheel, throw graffiti…I wanted to do it all.

I told the people at my job and they were soooo happy for me (and that is one of the reasons why I enjoy working there). Of course I told my parents and they were very excited and proud of me. I even made my granddaddy cry, but tears of joy. I got so many kind and congratulatory words on Facebook.

I just got off the phone with my best friend and we were talking about how surreal it feels to be like actual adults. She is working in the field of therapy, but can totally relate to how I am feeling. We are about to have our own clients that we are responsible for. I do not think it will really hit me until I get my first client. Then I may have a mini freak-out, but will pull myself together and help my client.

I am really looking forward to this next chapter in my life. I hope everyone had good bar results!

Chapter 1: Law School is Now Complete

As of 11:45am yesterday morning, I am the proud owner of my Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. I have done my time and can now proudly call myself a law school graduate. It seems like just yesterday, or at least last week, that I was sitting in orientation and trying to understand just what I had gotten myself into. I had moved two states away to attend law school in a place where I knew no one.

Law school was like nothing I have ever experienced. It was different from college in that you could not just sit in class and become invisible. Professors made an effort, especially during your first year, to call on every student and subject him/her to the infamous Socratic Method. For those who fear public speaking (like break out in a cold sweat if they have to speak in public), the Socratic Method is a horrid dreadful thing. I am one of the fearful. But you know, I survived it. I even managed to say a few intelligent things and not come off as a totally dummy. I have met some great friends and have had the opportunity to do things that I never would have imagined myself doing.

All in all, I have enjoyed my journey through law school…both the ups and the downs. As this one chapter closes, I move on to the next…the monster known as the Bar Exam. It is basically a two day test that I will be studying for for about two months. While I am not looking forward to taking the test, I am looking forward to what comes after I pass. I will finally be able to do what I have been studying the past three years…help others through the practice of law.